Now with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Aaron Sledgers was with Big league Impact when he was waived by the Minnesota Twins. Many of us on the trip had no idea. Aaron was laser-focused on helping people and making sure the children of Ferrier Village, Haiti, would have classrooms come September. It iss refreshing to see MLB players stay in the moment and embrace the impact they are called to make.

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Slegers was in Haiti helping a charity named Big League Impact build schools and provide running water when he found he was designated for assignment. He was working with his now former teammate pitcher Kyle Gibson.

“I’m glad I was there with Kyle doing some important work,” Slegers said. “It made it so much easier because I didn’t have to think about it. I was too busy working.”’

It is easy to shrug off the foundations and charity work that pro athletes do. In fact, we often see comments like, “Yeah, I bet it’s just a write-off,” or, “If I had that much money I’d do the same thing.” Personally, I hope that everyone who reads this really lets this resonate. While his world was completely changing around him his career was potentially ending–Aaron Slegers was more focused on helping others than on worrying about his own fate. That is a Big League Impact we can all learn from.