CC Sabathia’s Yahoo Fantasy Sports and Big League Impact Charity Contest

September 13, 2018

Yahoo’s Daily Fantasy and Big League Impact Charity Contest launches this week, first featuring New York Yankee pitcher CC Sabathia and his PitCCh In Foundation’s backpack program as the Weekly Spotlight Charity Recipient. Participants can enter the $10 contest to win VIP experiences and limited-edition autographed prizes personally donated by celebrity players.


This year’s fantasy football season has gotten off to a nail-biting start—from first-round pick Le’Veon Bell’s contract holdout to Aaron Rodgers’ injury scare and comeback rally—and Yahoo’s featured celebrity partners are riding the fantasy drama alongside fans each week. Sabathia kicks off the inaugural contest, offering a grand prize of a seat to one of Big League Impact’s live VIP fantasy football drafts in 2019. PitCCh In’s backpack program provides school supplies to students in need, and the benefits are very personal to him.


“Growing up, I vividly remember my mom struggling to get notebooks, backpacks, and basic supplies for us. Helping to provide young students with the tools to help them succeed is very near and dear to my heart,” said Sabathia. “As someone who loves fantasy football, I’m excited to partner with Yahoo Fantasy Sports to connect fellow sports fans with the opportunity to help kids out while competing and doing something they love.”


Yahoo will donate 100% of the proceeds to Sabathia’s program, which gives kids $120 worth of school supplies for every $20 raised—every two entries will provide one backpack, with Sabathia’s goal of providing 500 backpacks through the Yahoo DFS contest. Backpacks for the kids include a notebook, three-ring binder, 24-count crayons, washable markers, a folder, ruler, eraser, pencils, pens, a pencil sharpener, stapler, pencil pouch, glue stick, hand sanitizer, and other essential items.


“We’re thrilled to be able to help create positive impact for people in need in local communities here and around the world through our world-class fantasy sports platform,” said Daniel Haight, head of Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy. “CC and PitCCh In are doing incredible work in New York and the Bay Area, and we’re proud to be able to promote the backpack program in our first week.”


Big League Impact and Yahoo Fantasy Sports launched its partnership with eight live fantasy football drafts across the country in August. Founded in 2013 by St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright, Big League Impact is a player-led organization whose athletes—from Sabathia and San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence to rising stars like Mets pitcher Steven Matz, Diamondbacks shortstop Nick Ahmed and Reds catcher Tucker Barnhart — personally host events and competitions to raise money for causes they care about to benefit those in need in the US and around the world.


“The Yahoo Daily Fantasy charity contest is an innovative way for our players to compete online to raise funds for causes that are extremely meaningful to them off the field,” said Raymond St. Martin, Big League Impact’s executive director. “Over 25 MLB players lead our efforts, and we’ll be featuring many of them and their initiatives throughout the fantasy season.”

The T(Wins) Campaign is off to a great start:

April 10, 2018

Kyle Gibson had an idea. What if we were overly generous and added bonus gifts during our current home-stand? What if everybody who donated $1 per team win this year or $100 got an autographed item from one of us? Then what if anyone who pledged $10 or $1000 received an autographed game used item and two tickets to a game?

That seemed incredibly generous, but, he went a step further. “What if we also let them have the existing awards? A t-shirt at $1 and an additional autographed item at $10?” he asked. “Well that would be uncommonly generous.” we replied. So he did it.

Last night the Twins opened up a window for fans who pledge toward their efforts to build a school in Haiti. Anyone who pledges $1 or $10 for the next week will receive much more than their pledge in value. Not only that, but, the players stepped up to match the first $40 pledged and the campaign is now over $7,000.

$7,000 is almost enough for one classroom and is enough for 35 children to attend school for a year. That is incredible impact for one night. Great job Twins! And special props to Patrick Elmore for starting his own win campaign and helping us build the school!


Big League Impact Daily: Game used items for the win, Alex.

April 9, 2018

The Twins are back in action today and the players have something special planned for anyone who pledges for the rest of this home-stand. This one one is for total (T)wins for the season. Each fan who pledges $1 per win or makes a flat $100 donation, will receive a random autographed item from Gibson, Dozier, Morrison or Duke. Each fan who pledges $10 per win or makes a flat $1,000 donation will receive a random autographed, game-used item. To increase the impact, Gibson, Dozier, Duke and LoMo will kick in $40 in matching funds for the first $40 per win pledged.  With over $108,000 already raised, the Twins are well on their way to raising the 400k they need to build 10 more classrooms and sustain 1500 students in Haiti for a year.

Nick Ahmed and the D-Backs begin a three game series against the Giants in San Francisco today. Nick had a crucial hit in yesterday’s victory over the Cardinals and has now raised over $27,000 for his water and farming project in El Mogote, DR.

Dee Gordon is leading the Mariners into Kansas City where he hopes to rack up a few stolen bases to assist Syrian refugees.




Luke Weaver and Nick Ahmed face off, Twins and Mariners on ice:

April 8, 2018

Today, St. Louis Cardinal pitcher, Luke Weaver, will be taking the mound looking to win the rubber match between the D-Backs and Cards. He will also be pitching to raise funds for his baseball field and farm projects in Camaron and Hoyo Oscuro.


Opposite Weaver will be Nick Ahmed who has a .421 average and is donating $100 for every hit he gets this season to HIS OWN Striking our Poverty project in, Mogote, Dominican Republic.

Here is an ESPN link to this game

In Minnesota, the Twins players have been having great success in the early season. Together they have raised over 100k in support of completing and maintaining a school for 1500 children in Haiti.

With snow falling in Minneapolis and temperatures dipping into the 20’s, todays game will be postponed.

That also means that Dee Gordon will not get a chance to steal bases, so his campaign in support of Syrian refugees is frozen at $21,935

Striking Out Poverty is off to a great start in 2018!

April 7, 2018

Nine Dominican communities. Syrian Refugees. Nine ballplayers. Nine Innings.

With the goal of providing a baseball field, water irrigation and filtration, and a farm to nine communities in the Dominican, while also providing relief for the Syrian Refugee Crisis, Big League Impact players and Food for the Hungry advocates have raised over $107,000. That is already more than the 103k that we raised for our Haiti project last year.

Thus far; Dee Gordon, Luke Weaver, Nick Ahmed, Michael Wacha, Tyler Lyons, Liam Hendriks, Chase Anderson and Mike Mayers have all made pledge commitments, and Adam Wainwright has matched $57,000 of their donations.

That is already enough for three baseball fields, two water irrigation and filtration projects, three farms and 30k in diapers and milk for Syrian refugees. Yes, that’s right, Dee Gordon is turning stolen bases into milk and diapers for refugees. How awesome is that?

You can check out the progress and contribute to any one of the Striking Out Poverty campaigns on Pledgeit

The town of La Cuneta in the Dominican Republic. The land on the right is the future site of an SOP Farm.

Big League Impact Turkey Bowl Shootout:

November 19, 2017

– Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Seeing the devastation that still exists in Puerto Rico, the team at Big League Impact, led by Adam and Trey Wainwright, have decided to host a one day Fantasy Tournament this Thanksgiving. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to relief in Puerto Rico and the overall winner will receive a game used bat from the 2017 Silver Slugger, Adam Wainwright, as well as a shoutout on social media from @UncleCharlie50. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Signing up is easy:

  • Once you make your donation HERE
  • You will be prompted to draft a team
  • You can enter more than once
  • You can also contribute directly to this effort by clicking Donate on this site
  • Top Three Finishers will also get free entry into RTSports’ Postseason Shootout ($150 value)
  • Complete Contest Rules HERE

We hope that you join us in this effort and please know that, “Together, We All Make a Big league Impact”.

2017 Highlights: Big League Impact SF family supports Hurricane Harvey and JJ Watt Foundation

This Big League Impact season we were laser focused on making immediate impact when a crisis arose in the US or around the globe. Such was the case in San Francisco this year.

2017 Big League Impact San Francisco

Hurricane Harvey ravaged Houston, TX from the 25th-29th of August. Harvey dumped 27 trillion gallons of water on the Houston and Beaumont areas, displacing tens of thousands of people. People were in dire need and on August 30th, at our fantasy football event at AT&T Park, we raised $10,600 and donated it to the JJ Watt Foundation.


Although many contributed, there is one story that sticks out to us. It came from an unexpected place and from a model of giving that we could all learn something from.

One of our 2017 rookies, Jason Wheeler, teaches his children to give back from the allowance they receive. His son, Jake, could not make the live draft due to schoolwork, but, wanted to support his friend Tyler Nelson, who was at one time a Wish-Kid and is now the starting catcher on his High School team. So, Jake, gave $500 from the money he had been saving to benefit BLI San Francisco and Make-A-Wish.

Upon hearing that we were raising money for the hurricane victims, Jake’s little sister broke her piggy bank too. She donated $300 of her own money to help Harvey victims.

What an incredible model the Wheeler family is teaching us all. Now, if all of us adults could do the same as these children, we could end poverty in the World hundreds of time over.

Thank you Wheeler family and thank you Big League Impact San Francisco Community. There are families in SF, the Bay Area, Haiti, Puerto Rico and Houston that will benefit from your giving.

#TylerHype continues as Tyler and Hunter team up at Big League Impact SF

September 10, 2016

It all started with an idea on the way into the office which led to a couple of phone calls and by the end of the week, it all came together.

“So, we have this idea that there may be a Make-A-Wish child in the Bay Area who has a wish to meet Hunter Pence and may even like fantasy football. If so, why wouldn’t we invite them to draft with Hunter and manage his team with him throughout the year?”

The Make-A-Wish producer, Micaela, got it immediately and with only 10 days before the event SF Wish went on a  mission to find the right child. The ball had been set into motion on the hope that there would be a child and every stakeholder would be on board!

Even if there was only a small chance that a child, who can ask for anything in the World, would have asked to meet a baseball player over taking their entire family on an exotic trip or having a man cave built in their bedroom, it was worth putting it out there.

I mean, what if there were a child, but, they don’t like fantasy football? What if they don’t know anything about football at all? Hold on, had anyone asked Hunter? (Record screeches)

Is Hunter on board? Check!

The Giants Community Fund is on board? Check!

Now, is this a natural fit? is there a child? Check!

Not only was there A child out there. There was THIS guy! His name is Tyler, but, you may know him as #TylerHype!


#TylerHype is the young man who, after two years of lymphoma treatment, couch surfed at Hunter’s home while they played Smash Brothers.  Hunter turned what was going to be a tour of the ballpark into a dream day complete with video game battles, riding electric scooters to the ballpark, intros to every player, a duffel bag full of clothes from the clubhouse and most importantly, a friendship.

Tyler, having just drafted in his home fantasy league, was approached, by his parents, with the idea of skipping a day of school and hanging with Hunter again. Only this time, they would be teammates and HIS skills would be required. He and Hunter would be Fantasy co-owners trying to win the Big League Impact title.

There was no hesitation. Tyler sharpened his skills and knowledge of every player heading into the draft. Come Tuesday morning, when we met his family, he was ready!

Tyler and Hunter overhead

He and Hunter worked together to narrow their choices and went back and forth over a few picks with reason winning every time. It was incredible to see, what could be seen as, a moment of charity turn into two buddies hanging out and drafting a team that many in the room believed was the best.

#TylerHype Draft Board

In order, #TylerHype (Hunter and Tyler’s Team) drafted; Julio Jones, A.J. Green, Ezekiel Elliot, Mark Ingram, Randall Cobb, Sammy Watkins, Ryan Mathews, Blake Bortles, Melvin Gordon, Coby Fleener, Chris Ivory, Matt Ryan, Chiefs D and Graham Gano.

But, now is when the real work begins. There are many expert players in BLI this year, from pro players to past winners, team #TylerHype will have their work cut out. But, who can bet against a team that works together and against a young man, #TylerHype, who has already overcome so much! You see, Tyler may be Hunter Pence’s teammate, but, even more than that, he is now cancer free!


To check in on team #TylerHype, you can visit this link (By the way, they were dealt a nasty blow in week one by Derek Law and Antonio Brown)

Here is the Facebook Live video of the intros including Hunter and Tyler’s family discussing his wish