Waino Live Painting

Win a live painting by artist Frenchy, Autographed by Waino!

We’re also giving away Steven Walden prints autographed by Waino to 10 lucky raffle winners! See below for more details.

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winners Of the Live Waino Painting Raffle

1st Place – William W.

10 random winners for the Steven Walden prints signed by Adam Wainwright

Greg S. | Faith H. | Rand R. | Peter Y. | Patricia A. | Alan L. | Amy M. | Keith M. | Nancy N. | Judy R.

Waino Live Painting Raffle

Live Waino Print from the artist Frenchy – Autographed by Waino!


1 ticket


3 tickets


20 tickets

Signed Walden Print

There will ALSO be 10 LUCKY FANS WHO’LL RECEIVE A Signed STEVEN Walden PrinT

Artist Spotlight


Randy Leo Frechette a.k.a. Frenchy is a New Orleans based artist who travels the world capturing live music performances, festivals, fundraisers and sporting events with style and finesse.

His artistry in motion eventually garnered the attention of the New Orleans Saints, who requested Frenchy as their official team artist from 2001-2007, and the New Orleans Hornets from 2004-2006, capturing energy in paint at every home game at the Superdome sideline and arena courtside.

Learn More About Frenchy
hurricane relief efforts in Louisiana

Proceeds will benefit Big League Impact. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to hurricane relief efforts in Louisiana.

Watch The Live Painting of Adam Wainwright by Frenchy

Waino Live Painting Gallery

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