Big League Impact
New York (Mets)

* 2014 Participants, Daniel Murphy, Dillon Gee, Matt Harvey, and Jon Niese

Play Fantasy Football for charity with Steven Matz and his teammates. Enjoy a VIP fan experience while drafting against Mets players live at Citi Field. All proceeds benefit the Mets Community Fund, TRU32, and the Big League Impact Global Initiative.


Owner: $2,000

Owner and Co-Owner: $2,500

Table(11 Seats and 4 Co-Owners): $20,000

Location: Citi Field

Date: August 22nd (Wednesday)

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*Tax Deductible Donation
**Minimum Co-Owner Age: 10 years old

2018 Big League Impact New York Roster:

Steven Matz and friends to be announced. Follow us on twitter @BigLeagueImpact for updates.

As a participant in the fifth annual Big League Impact New York (Mets) Fantasy Football Draft, you will be able to:

  • Take a private club house tour
  • Take photos in the press room and dugout
  • Draft with the Mets players
  • Receive an autographed item
  • Bid on silent auction items
  • AND attend the game that night!