NFT & Physical Artwork

WAINO 2000th Strikeout
by Steven Walden




Official NFT

(Limited Edition)


Copper Border NFT & Walden Autographed Metallic Paper Print

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Silver Border NFT & Waino Autographed Metal Print

(Limited Edition)


Gold Border NFT & Waino Autographed Original Artwork

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Artist Spotlight
Steven Walden

Source: HEC Arts

Steven Walden is a St. Louis-based artist who specializes in sports and pop culture. This official NFT commemorating Wainwright’s 2,000th career strikeout is Steven’s first time distributing work in the NFT space. Steven has created commissioned work for various private collectors, pro sports franchises, and celebrities. Celebrities Steven has worked alongside and who own or have featured his art include President Bill Clinton, Jon Hamm, Yadier Molina, Cal Ripken, Jr., Kurt Warner, Brett Hull, Ryne Sandberg, Reggie Jackson, and many others. In order to bridge his desire to help others and to create art, he has raised nearly half a million dollars in bids at various charity auctions and events. Steven and his work have been featured on local and national media news outlets, including NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox network affiliates,, and

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