At Big League Impact, our mission is simple: Help people in times of need. Since 2013, our organization has partnered with MLB players and their fans to raise money and awareness for a variety of causes, such as childhood cancer, global poverty, and access to clean water. 

In 2022, infielder Trevor Story won $20,000 for Giving Sole through our Big League Impact Players Only Fantasy Football League. The organization, which works with foster care agencies to provide new tennis shoes for children in need, said that money will help more than 300 kids get brand new shoes in 2023.

“Not only do the new shoes help the kids, but it also can be a huge help to the families that look after these kids,” says Shawn Henss, CEO and founder of Giving Sole. “Some of these kids are in kinship placements, which means that a family member has stepped up to take the child or children so that they don’t end up in the foster care system. These kinship placements do not get a lot of financial help from the government, so we love that we can help with some of the financial burdens by getting the kids new shoes.”

Henss says that some of the children they serve are teenagers, and have never had a brand new pair of shoes in their life. Because of that, he explained, his organization is committed to providing these children with the exact shoes that they ask for.

Thank you to Giving Sole for sharing this update, and to Trevor for introducing us to this wonderful organization.