Even if you’ve just been casually glancing at World Series headlines, you know the big stories about the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros.

You know about the history — the fact that a World Series game hasn’t been played in our nation’s capital in 86 years. You know that the Astros have a super-team and that the Nationals have scraped and clawed their way into the Fall Classic.

But did you know that for every Nationals postseason win this year, a school in Haiti becomes one step closer to providing quality education, and a haven for adults with special needs gets one step closer to expansion?

Before the miracle run began, veteran infielder Brian Dozier pledged $5,000 for each Nationals postseason win to these incredible causes, as part of our All Win Campaign. With 8 playoff victories this year heading into the World Series, Brian has pledged $40,000 of his own money to help Ferrier Village Secondary School (via Help One Now) and Itawamba Crossroads Ranch, near his hometown of Fulton, MS.

We launched the All Win Campaign this year with the Washington Nationals, St. Louis Cardinals, Milwaukee Brewers and Minnesota Twins. All teams made the postseason, with players personally pledging their own money to causes they selected.


This inspirational story started well before Opening Day. Last year, Brian and fellow big leaguers Kyle Gibson and Zach Duke, raised $280,000 to build a badly needed secondary school in Ferrier Village, Haiti.

Now, through the All Win Campaign and the generosity of fans, we’re working together with Help One Now to open that school and help pay for teachers, ensuring that these children receive a quality education. It’s the only high school within a 20 mile radius of Ferrier Village.

A residential community in Brian’s hometown of Fulton, Mississippi has been doing incredible work for adults with special needs. At Itawamba Crossroads Ranch, those with special needs are able to create and sell pottery.

Itawamba Crossroads Ranch started construction in 2013 and has been providing help to those who need it. In the grand plans are finishing duplexes that would allow adults with special needs to live on site, with access to extra care. Each apartment will include a living area, bedroom, bathroom, refrigerator, washer and dryer, as well as shared safe spaces.

With every Nationals win, Itawamba Crossroads Ranch gets closer to providing these living spaces, as well as a hub for activities, enabling the center to provide support to more people.

Root for the Nationals — not just because they’re the underdog, but because they’re carrying the flag of Big League Impact’s All Win Campaign. Each “Curly W” in the scorebook changes lives and spreads joy far beyond the ballpark.

Join Brian and the Nationals All Win Campaign today. Any amount you can donate helps tremendously!