Kyle Gibson had an idea. What if we were overly generous and added bonus gifts during our current home-stand? What if everybody who donated $1 per team win this year or $100 got an autographed item from one of us? Then what if anyone who pledged $10 or $1000 received an autographed game used item and two tickets to a game?

That seemed incredibly generous, but, he went a step further. “What if we also let them have the existing awards? A t-shirt at $1 and an additional autographed item at $10?” he asked. “Well that would be uncommonly generous.” we replied. So he did it.

Last night the Twins opened up a window for fans who pledge toward their efforts to build a school in Haiti. Anyone who pledges $1 or $10 for the next week will receive much more than their pledge in value. Not only that, but, the players stepped up to match the first $40 pledged and the campaign is now over $7,000.

$7,000 is almost enough for one classroom and is enough for 35 children to attend school for a year. That is incredible impact for one night. Great job Twins! And special props to Patrick Elmore for starting his own win campaign and helping us build the school!