As baseball fans showed recently, there’s definitely no offseason for charitable giving. Big League Impact raised roughly $15,000 to help those affected by the earthquakes in Puerto Rico, between donations in person at Cardinals Care Winter Warm Up and online, as well as a generous match from Adam & Jenny Wainwright. We’re incredibly grateful for your support!

Big League Impact teamed up with two organizations based in Puerto Rico that were already on the ground, offering vital help: The Happy Givers & Yadier Molina’s Fundación 4.

The Happy Givers have been providing power, clean water, emergency supplies and even shelter to those who lost their homes to deadly earthquakes. The organization has been giving out backpacks which include a whistle, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, flashlights, towels, water bottles, a first aid kit and cereal bars. The donations will enable them to provide these to more people.

“People have been on edge for weeks and they still feel the ground shaking,” The Happy Givers founder Carlos Rodriguez said. “Having these backpacks will help some begin to heal mentally and will guarantee that each family is actually ready for a crisis. Again, we are beyond grateful for your support we are hoping to have 18,000 backpacks ready to go for all the different families that have been affected! We are hoping to have 18,000 backpacks ready to go for all the different families that have been affected.”

The Happy Givers also plan to help rebuild homes affected by Hurricane Maria, as well as this more recent round of earthquakes, as well as launch a trade school to address the shortage of skilled workers on the island.

“At Big League Impact, we love helping people in many different ways,” Wainwright said. “The heart of that, usually, is finding people in dire need of the basic essential needs. With that being said, the great people of Puerto Rico are dealing with a major crisis right now.”

Fundación 4, a nonprofit started by Adam’s batterymate Yadier Molina and his wife Wanda Torres, has been distributing food, water and other life-saving necessities to communities.

While our campaign may be over, you can still donate directly to these two organizations: