Detroit Tigers Pitcher Matthew Boyd Is Helping to Save Girls from Sex Trafficking in Uganda

“This is what we were supposed to do,” Ashley told the Free Press of starting the organization. “That was the start of something way bigger than we ever would have known.”

The couple visited Uganda after the 2018 season to meet with Alue and the girls, and now have plans to expand their efforts. The couple is currently fundraising for Kingdom Home so they can build four new shelters over the next three years to shield more victims.

Detroit Free Press: How Detroit Tigers pitcher Matt Boyd is saving 36 girls in Uganda

“Matt and his wife, Ashley, have essentially adopted 36 girls in Uganda, trying to protect them from the sex slave industry. The Boyds buy the girls food and clothing, and rent for their home, and get them sandals, and pray for them, and worry about them, and make sure they are safe.”

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“I believe in this charity,” Turnbull said. “We go to church together when I’m at spring training. I feel connected to it and want to help out however I can. Maybe, this off-season I might take a trip with him down there. I’m into it. I think it’s really cool what they are doing. I really believe in what he’s doing.”

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