It all started with an idea on the way into the office which led to a couple of phone calls and by the end of the week, it all came together.

“So, we have this idea that there may be a Make-A-Wish child in the Bay Area who has a wish to meet Hunter Pence and may even like fantasy football. If so, why wouldn’t we invite them to draft with Hunter and manage his team with him throughout the year?”

The Make-A-Wish producer, Micaela, got it immediately and with only 10 days before the event SF Wish went on a  mission to find the right child. The ball had been set into motion on the hope that there would be a child and every stakeholder would be on board!

Even if there was only a small chance that a child, who can ask for anything in the World, would have asked to meet a baseball player over taking their entire family on an exotic trip or having a man cave built in their bedroom, it was worth putting it out there.

I mean, what if there were a child, but, they don’t like fantasy football? What if they don’t know anything about football at all? Hold on, had anyone asked Hunter? (Record screeches)

Is Hunter on board? Check!

The Giants Community Fund is on board? Check!

Now, is this a natural fit? is there a child? Check!

Not only was there A child out there. There was THIS guy! His name is Tyler, but, you may know him as #TylerHype!


#TylerHype is the young man who, after two years of lymphoma treatment, couch surfed at Hunter’s home while they played Smash Brothers.  Hunter turned what was going to be a tour of the ballpark into a dream day complete with video game battles, riding electric scooters to the ballpark, intros to every player, a duffel bag full of clothes from the clubhouse and most importantly, a friendship.

Tyler, having just drafted in his home fantasy league, was approached, by his parents, with the idea of skipping a day of school and hanging with Hunter again. Only this time, they would be teammates and HIS skills would be required. He and Hunter would be Fantasy co-owners trying to win the Big League Impact title.

There was no hesitation. Tyler sharpened his skills and knowledge of every player heading into the draft. Come Tuesday morning, when we met his family, he was ready!

Tyler and Hunter overhead

He and Hunter worked together to narrow their choices and went back and forth over a few picks with reason winning every time. It was incredible to see, what could be seen as, a moment of charity turn into two buddies hanging out and drafting a team that many in the room believed was the best.

#TylerHype Draft Board

In order, #TylerHype (Hunter and Tyler’s Team) drafted; Julio Jones, A.J. Green, Ezekiel Elliot, Mark Ingram, Randall Cobb, Sammy Watkins, Ryan Mathews, Blake Bortles, Melvin Gordon, Coby Fleener, Chris Ivory, Matt Ryan, Chiefs D and Graham Gano.

But, now is when the real work begins. There are many expert players in BLI this year, from pro players to past winners, team #TylerHype will have their work cut out. But, who can bet against a team that works together and against a young man, #TylerHype, who has already overcome so much! You see, Tyler may be Hunter Pence’s teammate, but, even more than that, he is now cancer free!


To check in on team #TylerHype, you can visit this link (By the way, they were dealt a nasty blow in week one by Derek Law and Antonio Brown)

Here is the Facebook Live video of the intros including Hunter and Tyler’s family discussing his wish